• What kind of specification of memory card to buy?
    *At least class 10 for our all products
    e68 supports 32GB
    S720 and S780 support 128GB
    S860 supports 256GB
    For recording and saving videos fluently in good condition, regularly formatting is recommended 

    Only S860 for 4K high speed memory card
  • How is the waterproof effect in S720, S780 and S860?
    Host ➽ unavailable to waterproof, it's supposed to be put in the trunk or covered by waterproof case
    Lens ➽ waterproof,  don't let it contacts solvent
    External mic ➽ waterproof,  don't let it contacts solvent
  • Will you update the firmware in S720, S780, S860?
    Of course! We will update if it's necessary to improve.
  • Are there interference when the video play?
    R-Class resistor spark plug is strongly recommended to use in petro motorcycle when you install the 2CH moto cam   
    See video 2:30

  • How to use the file-locking function in S720, S780 and S860?

    There are two functions : auto and manual

    To choose G-sensor sensitivity in the host menu, it's available to set <close – high – middle – low>
    <close> : to close the auto file-locking function
    <high – middle – low> : to open and set up the sensitivity of auto file-locking function
    When the auto file-locking is open, the host will create a new file in 25 seconds and save to the SOS folder  
    ( It will add another 25 seconds if you open it for second time during lock  )

    Manually push the menu button on the host or file-locking button on the remote control
    The host will keep files complete and save to the SOS folder when manual function is open( All 1, 3, 5 minutes will be kept completely )
    For example :
    ( loop recording for 1 minute ) open at 0 min 20 sec –> 0 min 01 sec ~ 1 min 00 sec  files saved to SOS folder
    ( loop recording for 3 minute ) open at 1 min 30 sec –> 0 min 01 sec ~ 3 min 00 sec  files saved to SOS folder
    ( loop recording for 5 minute ) open at 3 min 30 sec –> 0 min 01 sec ~ 5 min 00 sec  files saved to SOS folder

  • Why are the file names of cam A and cam B different in S720, S780 and S860?

    File names are named after the datetime. 

    Cam A has an extra alphabet "A" in the end of its file name, cam B also has 
    the "B" in the end of its file name. There's an inaccuracy between both.

    Because cam A starts first then cam B, it's not a miss of second but a difference during recording.

  • Any difference between the 2CH of S720, S780, S860?
    The specifications are the same. There's no need to distinguish between front lens and rear lens when you install.
  • The warranty terms of product after-sales
    1. A free warranty service since the day when the product is sold for one year.
    2. For protecting your rights, please ask the dealer to write down store name, address and purchase date. 
    3. Damage from external factor, disassemble by yourself or use it without instructions are not included in the warranty service.
    4. It is not included in the warranty service if the cam doesn't work by the accessories of non-OEM.
    5. Image noise or defective pixel on LCD screen and CMOS lens are not included in warranty unless it affects operation or
        video quality.
    6. Warranty card is required if you send the product back to inspect or repair, but we won't afford shipping fee.
    7. If you lost warranty card or fail to write down purchase date, we'll add 7 days to system shipment day and make it as beginning day.
    8. The warranty doesn't contain any electronical device of non-AMA product even replacement or compensation of personal property.
  • Why the video fail to show mirror image when I execute camera flip on S720, S780 and S860?
    The camera flip only makes videos on LCD screen as mirror images by program.
    It is convenient for backup camera in a car as an assistance.
    The video files saved from normal viewing angle could be a big help if you want to provide evidences.