Samsung PRO Endurance highly durable memory card
➤Support 4K ultra and full HD recording
➤Speed of loading up to 100MB/s
➤Constant write speed for 43,800 hours
➤Use MLC flash memory
➤Consecutive recording time is 25 times of the memory card which focuses on transmission speed
➤Waterproof, temperature-proof, magnet-proof and X-ray proof
➤Offer endurance for security surveillance cam and moto cam
➤ Transition card included

Constant recording confidence

Capture the crucial moments. Have confidence in continuous recording.
The Samsung PRO Endurance delivers industry-leading performance sustainable through extreme conditions.

Built to last

Continuous recording up to 25x longer than speed-focused cards gives you long-lasting,
best-in-class enduranceup to 43,800 hours 5 years.The PRO Endurance secures data with an
industry-leading limited warranty up to 5 years andcaptures surveillance footage up to 128GB of storage space.

New video monitoring standard

Get maximum endurance for surveillance & security cams, dash cams, and body cams. In the critical seconds of
an accident or emergency situation, a trustworthy card is essential. The PRO Endurance is the
reliable choice for crucial moments and prolonged write-intensive applications.

Record and play in 4K & FHD

Supports 4K and FHD in the high endurance segment, offering exceptional resolution to video monitoring.
The PRO Endurance handles large video files quickly and seamlessly with read/write speeds up to 100/30 MB/s.

Critical data. Safeguarded.

Stands up to real-world situations. It is rigorously tested with proven resistance to magnets, X-rays, and water
(up to 72 hours in seawater, IEC 60529 & IPX7), and withstands operating temperatures ranging from -25°C to 85°C.
Product specifications
Professional lens
Film resolution
Automatic video
Video format
Display screen
Loop video
Lock function
Sound input
Storage space
Power supply
Operating temperature
Real shot film
Operation interface
Host interface